Author: Yeo Guan Liang


Happy Halloween @ Wisteria Mall

Did you guys have fun for dressing up? We did cute balloon spooky ghost, balloon vampire, balloon pumpkins, balloon skeletons, Balloon devils and lastly, scary balloon spider for entrance arch!


Balloon Decoration @ lumileds

Happy Safety day! Even if you are driving, working or at home. Safety always come first!

We did this Rainbow Balloon Arch for Lumileds for their Safety day! And of course doctors and nurses are the most important person to us too.

We need them to save our life with their skill and experience. 😂 But of course, we all still hope that we not want to visit them frequently.


Balloon Backdrop Decoration @ Saigon Star

Thank you Augustine for having us back after so many years!

Thank you for trusting us!

I am super in love with this balloon sculpture princess. It’s like every girl dream to be a princess with pretty nails, hair.


Happy 5th Birthday, Owen

We celebrate our son 5th birthday at kidz amaze. That’s the cheapest among all other outlets.


Balloon Decoration for HP’s Kids at Work

We did the decoration for all the pantry and a photo taking area.We spend hours just to do up all the trolls characters. 😅 But we had a lot of fun!


URA Singapore Balloon Decoration

Throw back, a balloon Decoration we did for URA, a year ago. 😊😊


Christmas Balloon Decoration @ Holiday Inn Hotel

We did a super huge Christmas Tree (2 floor high) & a Ginger Breadman House (3 metre tall)
And of course other small little decorations around the hotel 😊
We had so much fun setting up (as you can see, we also bring our son along 🤭)


Balloon Cartoon Bracelet Twisting for Birthday Party

Looking for something then simple balloon sculptures for your kids party?

This is it! We can do 15 – 18 kids an hour. Is suitable for kids that is aged 5 and above.

Your guests will be amaze how elaborate and adorable the sculptures is!


Balloon Decoration For Jolibee Grand Opening

Thank you Jolibee for the support and trusted us.

Congrats on your opening! Huat Ah!